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I live in Quebec, close to the Vermont/Usa Borders. I've been using a Hackintosh for 6 month after 10 long years of always switching from Windows and Linux... Still asking myself why, Why... WHY i NeVeR ThOuGhT oF ThiS BeFoRE???? My first hackintosh install was a 2 week nightmare, with the computer i just got, this is my second install, but since i always used unifail before, i kinda run into the same problems but worse this time... I was gonna give up when i found myhack.. and i must say: Thank You!!


I always thought i have a high skill level when it comes to computers.. The truth is, i just dont give up easily.. :)


Beside Windows and Linux operating systems, i know a little bit of PHP, HTML, Web Hosting, maybe a very little bit of Python and C++...


Gonna help where i can. See you in the forum.

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