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Hello all,


I'm LoLrenX and I live in London.


This is my first experience with a hackint0sh, I have been a mac user for 3 years now and came to love/hate OSX. I have had an iMac 27 (late 2009), a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air. Now I have just ordered some parts to put together a gaming rig and only kept the MBA which I work with. I'm interested in hackint0shing because besides gaming, my main OS is now OSX but unfortunately the native gaming offer is quite scarce.


My target setup :

Gigabyte Z77 UP5 TH

i5 3570k (probably overclocked)

Corsair H80

16 GB Corsair Vengeance

GTX 670 OC

Fractal Define R4

PSU 750W Corsair


I don't have any programming experience, nor in-depth knowledge of how OS's function. I am not familiar with terminal (but at least I can use google, and can copy/paste). But I can put a computer together, I have done a few for myself and for friends. Installing OSX on a non-Mac computer is brand new to me and I have to admit that I'm quite excited and eager to receive all my components, and get crackin' with it!


I have discovered hackint0shing through various websites and read several guides/tutorials, and after reader this post :


I have chosen this forum because I value quality communities.


Thank you !

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