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Heey all,


I'm Aventor and I am from holland and live in Breda. I'm new in hackintosh. I did trie to install it a few years back, without succes and now I am returning in the hope it will work now(I got a new pc in the meanwhile). My interest in hackintosh is because I want to trie the OS out. I want to use Logic, because I am producing music, but spending 1500+ euro is allot of money. So that's why I want to install hackintosh and trie it out :) and because I want to experience mac. I have allot of computer skills and I followed a 2 years study specialised in making websites and computer history. I now a little bit of flash, java, c++ and html5.


Now I have a burning question to ask you people, but I need permission first :)


If you want to know more about me.. just pm me ;)

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