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From NYC

I've been trying to get my hack to work for months.... first time, but feel like a veteran who never accomplished anything

I've been trying the unifail/multifail method and can't figure it out, someone recommended my hack, really want to get this thing working!

I was able to get it working on an old bios, but after updating bios it won't load and i can't figure out the right kernel flags to even boot

I used to be an avid MBP user and bought the 17" but had a bad experience and it wasn't nearly powerful enough

Generally good with basic computing, I built my computer and am an advanced user but nothing beyond that.

I know Win 7 and OSX.

I know video workstations very well and customized by system for Blackmagic Resolve and FCP.

3930k, Corsair Vengeance 32GB, Samsung 830 128 GB SSDs, Seagate Barracuda 3TB HDDs, GTX 580 Classy Ultra, GTX 660ti, Intensity Pro, Red Rocket, ROsewill Lightning.

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