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Introduction Thread


Hello myHack community. I'm from Miami FL. Long time Mac user (back to mid-80's), first time Hackint0sher.


I put together a "Hack Pro" based on Koo's specs from NoFilmSchool.com. I tried working with multifail but I didn't have much luck. I found myHack and my machine has been humming ever since.


I became interested in building a Hackintosh after my 2007 MacBook Pro started acting up. It's slated to be a video/sound editing and color correction workstation.


I've been using Macs for a very long time for all types of audio and video applications. I am a power user on the application side but pretty new to programming and general 'hackery".


I found the process of putting together this Hackintosh very enlightening and interesting. I would like to help others with any knowledge I've accrued so far, so that their experience is more efficient and less frustrating.


Thanks for hosting this site. It really made this process MUCH simpler.

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