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Hi all!

I'm sijie123 and I'm from Singapore :)

I'm a relatively new hackint0sh user, and my only attempt about 2 years ago failed me. So I'm back today to get my revenge on Apple.

Nearly no experience with Hackint0sh, but I can roughly understand terms like DSDT, Patches, Kext etc.

I wanted to use a Hackint0sh because firstly I don't want to spend 2K buying a macbook/iMac when i can just build it for < 750 dollars. 20 more dollars and I'm up and running with the OS itself (what I'm just lacking is probably an apple sticker). Furthermore, modifying the software feels cool :D


General computer skill level is much above average I'd say, though not those geeks that re-code their system at will or something.


I've done all kinds of programming languages ranging from Python to HTML/PHP, Java, C++ etc. Operating systems wise, I'm good at XP, 7 and 8. :) I also run a server on Ubuntu and another on CentOS (both headless), so I'm good at linux stuff too XD


Probably I won't have anything to offer to the community, due to my relatively new exposure to Hackint0sh, but if there's something that I can help, please tell me! :)


Thank you!

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