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Display goes to sleep after apple logo problem [Update 2]


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i came across this problem after successfully installing OSX 10.6.3. As you can see in the video, the system boots fine but sleeps after the apple logo. This is after the reboot from the installation successful screen and booting into the desktop. I will say that it is a hit or miss that when i press my power button the screen turns on. I also will say that I had a successful install before with my native res but with no ethernet and sound. Restart and shutdown worked. The problem was that i didn't have access to another computer so i had to reinstall Windows 7, get the files and try again. After my second attempt, I ran the myfix app(full fix) and installed chamelon. This unfortanetly broke some working features. The resolution resorted back to 1024x768x32. I tried running mutibeast(big mistake) which crashed and crippled the system. I tried a ton of flags. I'll list them below

1. busratio=20 cpus=1 -v -x -f

2. GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes

3. USBBusFix=No/Yes

4. -x

5. -f

6. PciRoot=1

7. PCIRootUID=0

8. no flags



sorry for the upside down video.

Thank You!

Note thie is a retail installlation

I used this bootloader with some preinstalled items[File reuploaded to Skydrive]

https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=6 ... 0Cen1L-cI0


Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family

Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T8100 @ 2.10GHz


Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit

Dell Laptop Model

Dell XPS m1330 [2008]

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Remove natit.kext, voodoo*.kext, and platformuuid.kext, from the preboot.dmg /Extra - use the following boot flags:


GraphicsEnabler=No GraphicsMode=1024x768x32 -v CPUS=1


Once you get to the installed environment create a new usb installer with myHack so you have some sort of recovery environment as you poke around further - remember myhack 3.1.2 still has a bug with 10.6 installer creation under a 10.6 os - rename your / volume to zz-name to avoid the bug.


From there I will need to know what graphics are on your notebook to find a better solution than natit... if there is one.

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Thank You Conti! I will do those steps and report back! To remove the files, I have to -s into the system and cd and rm the files right? Would it be better to boot into a clean bootloader[latest chameleon] instead? If this works, you'll save me 1.x grand. :) As for my gfx card it is the:

Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family

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Update 1: December 11 2012 5:56PM EST- I tried to remove the files using rm -f with no luck. Either that or the file was not deleted. I used the flag "-s" at bootup and used the terminal at the Snow Leopard installation screen. I also used the flags that you told me to use. The problem still exists. The preboot also cannot be opened with PowerISO


Update 2: I removed the files you told me to but I the bootloader was not able to boot to the Install DVD. Any alternatives?

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You have a working OS X system yes? Why not just reinstall from a clean myHack USB installation disk?


I mean you have the general knowledge now of what extensions you'll need so setting up the Extra's shouldn't be too difficult.


Alternatively - You shouldn't need a preboot/postboot img once you've actually achieved an installation - those are only there to help you get up and running using a swap cd. You should be able to just remove them and ensure you have what you need in /Extra and just run myfix -t / then reboot.

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Yes, I have a working installation. Problem is I can't get my native resolution[with a clean chameleon], Ethernet or sound to work. The keyboard and trackpad also does not work. But for those I used a USB Keyboard and mouse. I used Myhack to install Chameleon but it installed an old version for some reason. My battery died mid-way while installing 10.6 on my usb which corrupted the entire system. I'll try the command you suggested and report back. Thank You Conti!

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