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[boot] I can't install CHAMELEON correct.


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I change PC, now I have ASROCK x79 Extreme 4 , i7 3930k , 16Gbram, Nvidia GTX 560 (normal , not Ti)

Inside I have 3 Sata HDD...


1) win7 64bit

2) files

3) MAC osx


The same was in the old PC. start begine boot windows and ask with OS i like to use (win7 or macosx) , and was working good, bur now in the NEW PC, I have many trouble to install a working MAC OSX...

I try many differents way (from Iaktos l2 to many anothers dvd iso installations..) but wit no good results.

1) this mothers board, have not to jet a good support, so in many installation you must disable form bios , HT, CORES (set only 1) , USB 3.0. or installation freeze always.

I have found only one good way , working... OS X 10.8.2 Install USB , a raw file to write in a 8GB usb key.

On boot , I must edit the line in -v npci=0x2000 cpus=1

(or I have stop on pci recognise, or for the i7 cores trouble)

when is finish the installation I update with few Kext , and I have a good working osx....




I can boot only from the usb key ... infact I can't install a working boot, I download chameleon...but later I install nothing change.. I read the log file, and he say is ok installed in the 3' HDD ( macosx)...

but I not found any dir of chameleon....(i386)...so , he are not really installed I think..

I'm afraid to compromise my working OSX now , only for the boot...


any idea how I can do ?


PS (no internet access with this pc)

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Can you use the usb key to boot your OS X installation? (select usb key at bios boot menut -> hit tab at the chameleon boot prompt -> select your internal hdd that you installed OS X on and hit enter).


From there open myHack app, select 'Install Chameleon' option and target your / partition.


This should fix the problem, if it does not you could try using myHack from the utilities menu on the OS X Installer, run "install chameleon' option, target the volume that contains your OS X installation.


If neither of the above fix your bootloader on the internal partition let me know I could send you a beta that contains an updated Chameleon bootloader as well as some new installation routines that may help to resolve the issue if it persists.

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Perfect Conti !! thanks...now work I can boot without usb key...

a question again , meaby you know ...

PS/2 mouse no work...so I use a second mouse USB...this is recognised always and work.

You know a good (new) kext for made working my ps/2 mouse?

I think is important also the model of MB (asrock X79 eXtreme 4)

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I support all x79 systems vis my blog:


http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/2012/07 ... dati-gpus/


Thanks Beta, I just was in your blog... a google searching for the few ASROCK X79 users...and your blog is a MUST ! ;)

But unfortunatly you not have any DSDT for asrock x79 ESTREME 4 modell ...


witch kext for ps/2 mouse work with extreme X79 ? actualy recognise to me only usb mouse , but ps/2 keyboard, ok.


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