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Hello All,


I have just come across myHack after using many other methods of creating a hackintosh in the past. I am very excited to use this software and share my knowledge of my trials in the past.


-I am located in Iowa, USA

-I have been using a hackintosh since 2008

-I have had the best success with desktops, but I am currently working on many different laptops from the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad line. I currently own, X31, X40, X61, X61s, T43, T60, T61 (15in wide), T61 (14in wide), T500, T400, and my favorite the X301.

-I have owned many Apple devices and have always been interested in getting things to work that are different. The uniqueness of a hackintosh married with the high difficulty is what keeps me interested.

-I have a very high skill level in computers in general. I work in the IT field and have been using/working on computers for over 20 years.

-I have experience with Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Oracle, and MySQL

-I would like to learn and help others within this community.

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