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I'm from Treetown (Ann Arbor) Michigan United States of American and I've been on the hackintosh scene for two years now. So far I've built two custom machines for hackintosh installations and will soon be completing a third. In all I've been hackintoshing for a little over two years starting with Leopard and going through Mountain Lion. Experience-wise I've got experience in building Fermi support into graphics kexts (now skills that are obsolete with 10.8) as well as adding networking support to the networking kexts. Currently I am learning how to edit DSDT AMLs in detail. I got interested in hackintoshing after buying a number of Apple computers and mobile products - but being into gaming I was disappointed in the performance vs. cost, so a hackintosh was a must. I don't have especially deep knowledge of any part of computers. I currently program C#, Cocoa, and few others, but only as a hobby. Have used countless varieties of Linux, Windows since DOS, OS X since Tiger, and currently am enjoying OS X ML and Win8Pro. I would love to act as a resource to others in the community to teach or point them to place on how to build their system from the ground up - instead of using Distros or "tools" from Tonycrap. Hopefully will be able to teach DSDT editing one day.

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