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GA-Z77X-UD5H+i7 3770 / mountain lion guide


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Dear Conti!


I am new on this forum but we know each-other on irc.osx86 chat. On the chat side my nick is leo_Art...

I am from Budapest, Hungary, - and at the moment I have a GA-ex58 UD3R / 16GB ram(corsair 1600mHz) / Nvidia 285 gtx 1GB/ i7 920 / Corsair 850W PSU / LG bluray writer.

I started to deal with hackintosh OS years ago... My first install was in the time of Tiger years ago. During the years I learnt a lot but I am not expert at all. The present system dsdt was made by "Aschar" from the chat.

That reminds me: What has happened with irc chat forum? It looks as closed at the moment.


The main topic:

As you can see, the weak point is: my processor. As xmas gift I will get a i7 3770. ... So I must change the motherboard as well. It is not the same as your 3770K, but at the moment I am limited for this only.

Due to, I use to work with videos as well, very important the firewire input, so I selected the GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard from the gigabyte. I think, (and I do hope) that it will be a good choice.


The main system will be very similar to your new system - as I found in your blog page...

I plan in the next year some more upgrade as: to buy a new case, SSD for system drive, may be new heating system (at the moment i have a thermaltake "big typhoon") . May be a corair H100 water-cooling could be a good choice for overclocking.


...and now my big request:

Can you help me with sending to me your extra folder? (Here, or to my private e-mail or through mediafire)


I ask your help for the whole extra folder, because beside of the dsdt, - I know how important are the other files too, like org.chameleon.boot.plist, smbios.plist , and the extensions folder. Do you use any kext in the S/L/E as well? Which chameleon version do you use?

So, i need a bit more info.

I hope you will reply to me soon.

I also hope that irc chat will start soon again.

I wish to you and your family a happy, and peaceful Xmas! ... and i hope that 21.12.2012 will be just my birthday (it is! ) and not the end of world...

best regards:

szzs ( leo_Art from chat)

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Please repost your questions in one of the other forum categories, so that it will be indexed and picked up by search engines etc - I will respond to you there. The installation category would be appropriate for what you've asked here.


Welcome to the forums.



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