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Kia Ora


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My nick is litewave, and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I have been using Macs and PCs since time began (6502, 680x0, 80xx), and love Apple and most of what they do. However, like many of you, I wanted more flexible and robust hardware options than Apple was able to deliver, and grew tired (and broke) purchasing $3-5k machines every few years. I think it is awesome that Apple hasn't pulled the plug on the hackintosh community and has looked the other way, more or less, for so many years.


I have been using myHack since version 1 for my first non-distro build. I am really grateful for all the work and advice this site (and its owner) has provided for free. I have built two previous C2D machines with myHack and Snow Leopard. I have been waiting for Lion/Mountain Lion to settle down, and am now attempting to build a new LGA2011 with ML.


I rate my general knowledge of hardware and system software intermediate, but am frequently humbled by what I don't know or haven't yet figured out. I am still an advanced beginner as far as the OSX86 scene goes - there has been quite a bit of innovation and activity that I would never have predicted, and have not completely kept up with. I am functional with Python and dangerous with c++, and have enterprise IT experience as well. I have recently taken the plunge with Obj-C and look forward to releasing my own iOS apps in the next year. I also hope to run ML as a VM with other systems (Win7, Linux, FreeBSD), possibly on vSphere or a desktop bare metal option once I achieve a stable machine. I am also experimenting with zfs (Zevo and MacZFS). Eventually, when I am confident that I know the 5 Ws of my new build (and VMs), I would be happy to create a guide for similar systems (X79), but that might take a while.

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