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Hello ALL...


I am a long time hackintosher but new to this site. I have mostly been on Insanelymac. I am trying to connect with a memeber here who has some similar hardware to mine.


I'm from US

-Ive got at least 3 hacks working mostly 10.5 and 10.6 nothing newer then that. All done with help from insanelymac

-Im currently trying to get my SB51g to run SL right now..

-OSX is more stable then windows but still has some lacking.. I just like to play around with it and have it as an option if I want to do something different.

-Ive got a greater knowledge of hardware then I do software but Ive picked up a lot since doing these hacks. Still cant program, or script things and mess with plists.

-No programing skills. I know windows a lot better then OSX for now.

-Id be glad to test out anything..


Hope this can get approved so I can make the connection with the others who have my old hardware and are running leopard on it. Thanks

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