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Hello to All,


My name is Mark, and I am from Dallas Texas. I work as a Tube Welder on power plants, but I do have a bachelors degree in Psychology, and a masters degree in Health Care Administration. I am 58 years old and am enjoying my second family. I married a young Vietnamese woman and we have a 2-year-old son, with another baby due August 22nd this year.

I have been enjoying Hackintoshing for about four months. I have four desktops and three laptops and have played around with different operating systems for several years. I have installed various flavors of Linux, the hardest being Gentoo and the easiest being SUSE. I've even installed and run Free BSD. But there was always a lot of compiling and "getting" and I got tired of all the waiting. I just wanted something that worked, so I had pretty much stuck with Windows lately. That is until I bought my wife an Apple ProBook 15" w/Retina display. She liked her iPad, and I wanted to get her a laptop, so it made sense. But I started getting curious and even a little bit jealous. Her laptop was obviously much better than any of my three laptops and I found myself playing around with it when she wasn't using it, trying to get familiar with all the differences to what I was used to. In searching the web for information about using it, I stumbled across the mention of "Hackintoshes". I was bitten! I ordered my copy of Snow Leopard from Amazon, and got started. I first tried it on my ASUS box with an i7 2600K. I lost track of how many times I broke my installation trying to get everything to work. Eventually Mountain Lion 10.8.1 came out. I bought it with my wife's Mac using the Apple App Store and I was much more successful with installing that using a USB jump drive. I got most everything up and running on two of my desktops, and the newest laptop, my Dell XPS 14Z. Actually the fourth desktop was put together expressly to install ML 10.8.2. It is a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard with an Intel i5-3570K CPU. I even put in a water cooler for the CPU, which blew my mind, a water cooled computer!

I have installed Xcode, with all the tools and developer's libraries and am trying to get the Intel Performance Counter Monitor V2.3a to compile. I have all the files from Intel, and have run the Xcode project, but there is an issue with "Implicit conversion loses integer precision: 'long' to 'uint32_t' (aka 'unsigned int')". I think it has something to do with the 32-bit type of code in the PcmMsr.cpp file, i.e. int, long, long long. I think the code should be suggested C99 type, i.e. int32_t or uint32_t, int64_t or uint64_t instead of long and long long. I am hoping to find someone with a little more experience than I to offer some suggestion as to how to work around the problem because I've changed it all to C99 type and it still won't compile. I have a goal of making a GUI frontend for the PcmMsrDriver because it will only run in terminal with OS X.

I am just about finished with writing my guide to installing OS X 10.8 on a Dell XPS 14Z and will look forward to posting it in the appropriate forum when allowed. Thank you for your time in reading my introduction, and good luck and have fun Hackintoshing!



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