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Sorry, jumped the gun, here's a intro following guidelines.


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I'm from America, Upsatate NY to be specific.


First time hackentoshing. Gained considerable experience over the last 4 days. Still not perfect.


Detailed my crappy experience with tonycrap on the following thread, lists current state(not brief but this is) Sorry, it's the best documentation I have right now.

http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/ ... 8-working/


My interest in hackentosh has been going on for a while. IT became solidified when the mac version of the software my job is tied to went intel only. I've been pushing a g5 pro tower to it's limits in this moden age. Sick of finagling solutions. Want to upgrade but don't want to be limited by apple's unupgradable hardware. So over the last 6 months I used my meager paychecks to slowly get together my build. Finally had everything last friday and got to work.


My computer skill level is about mid level. I am familiar with fixing and replacing hardware on computer systems, familiar with what i now understand is only low mid level expertise in os x troubleshooting. Plenty of experience installing windows and mac on their respective systems. I'm not totally ignorant but not an genius either.


I'm good at documenting for others trying similar builds. That's what I can offer this community. That ahnd I plan to donate whatever I can to whichever site helps me get this done.


There, I think that matches guidelines. Again, sorry i jumped the gun into troubleshooting and any rule breaches from my first post.

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