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Greetings, myHack forumers, I hail from the equatorial region of South East Asia, Malaysia to be exact. I've been hackint0shing for the past year and a half. My first build was an i3 system running on the H61m-S2V-B3 with the Sapphire 6670 brought to life back in August of 2011. Not surprisingly, I used the unifail/multifail install method. That experience taught me to never use an AMD GPU again. Hence, fast forward to January of 2013, and I'm up and running with my brand new Prodigy Dark Knight PRO. This is a i5 mini-ITX build running on the ASRock Z77E-ITX with (once bitten, twice shy) NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU. Again, this was courtesy of tonycrap's tools.


I am now in the process of doing a fresh ML install on my older hack, but for some reason the Uni/multifail method isn't serving me too well this time round. In my frustration, it suddenly hit me that there could be better alternatives out there. After a little Googling, macbreaker.com pointed me to myHack, thus my presence in these parts of the green Shire. As we speak, myHack is creating my install USB and I hope to gain much wisdom from these forums about the specifics to get the H61M working without a hitch, not to mention getting the narly 6670 to play well with everyone. Your protege now sits humbly, all ears.


The journey that brought me to the hackint0sh was a long and arduous one. It all began in the Summer of 2001, when I ordered my very first Apple device, the iBook G500 "Dual USB" (Wow, TWO USBs! don't that sound quaint now?). It was like I was re-born, a fascinating new world awaited me and it did not disappoint. 8 years and one 80GB HDD upgrade later, the "Dual USB" was ready to be let go in to the hands of some fortunate soul waiting for their first Apple experience, and so it came to pass the the "Dual USB" passed on to safe hands found on my local "Craigslist". This was when I transitioned to the sleek new MacBook Pro 13" Mid-2009 edition. This time the fascination was less palpable. In fact, I missed that Apple made them in China, and not Taiwan. Perhaps it was just purely psychological, but it just didn't feel as durable. After much spinning beach balls, squinting, and cursing Steve Jobs, this machine too, was passed on to a different pair of safe hands barely 2 years later.


ENTER: my hackint0sh. The fascination levels increased to their status quo experienced a little over a decade ago, and I hope there will be no U-turns. I trust myHack will keep me on this road, should it remain in active development for years to come.


My past programming experience have been in the arena of scientific computing, FORTRAN 95 as an undergraduate (I know), IDL as an aspiring astronomer in graduate school, then a little bit of Ruby, web dev stuff on my own time in recent years. I bring with me a whole 1.5 years of hackint0shing experience that I trust will add a little bit of shine to the discussions on these forums. For a foretaste, see here: http://www.tonycrapx86.com/search.php?searchid=794946.


I hereby humbly request induction to the Halls of myHack, for further upgrades in my hackint0shing power and to edify the minds of my brothers in Hack.

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