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I live in a region called "Westerwald" in good old Germany.

My only experience in "hackint0shing" so far is getting the myHack installer on my USB stick and installing it (but not getting it to boot up afterwards) on my Lenovo G780 Laptop.

I dont realy know what triggered my interst in hackint0sh in first place, i think it began in late 2011 when i planed to transform my webapp to an real iOS app. I played around a bit, but then i decided to do it in a virtual machine.

I think my general computer skill is at least a good amount above the average.

I have strong experiences in Linux and WIndows, i also know how to handle OSX.

Im a part time Webdeveloper so i have strong skills in the main script and markup languages including PHP, JS, HTML and so on.

I´ve also written a few programms (mainly small, simple things for microcrontrollers) in C++.

If needed i am willing to help the community with my described talents at any time.


Best regards


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