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Greetings all!

I'm from West Sussex, in the U.K.

Am new to Hackint0sh as of a week ago. I got into it after buying a mac book pro, to run Traktor from, after my pc laptop died. Love the O/S. A good friend of mine told me a little of this community, and way of life, and that was that. I hacked my Dell laptop as an experiment, and now my pro-audio Studio computer. All on ML, although still struggling with the studio computer's install. ( it's in, but it's not as it should be).

My hardware skills are well above average, as are skills with ripping windows apart, to make it work how I want etc.

Am new to OSX, as I said about, about 2 weeks new, and will never go back.

I'm a DJ / Producer, and part time pilot. I'd say am far from being thick, however, that doesn't exempt me from being an idiot at times.


Kind regards,



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