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To introduce myself as requested:

I live in the South West of England

I have used a hackintosh briefly before now, (until is went 'tsup), I am ow in the process of trying to get another one running.

So I am fairly noob.

I like to tinker, so am intrigued on the Hack front. I have used Windows quite extensively, went over to Ubntu for quite a while (then dropped it when the new interface came along), went back to (and was pleasantly suprised by) Windows 7 (mainly for games compatibility) and a lot of friends use Macs but I object to the cost...

Have worked in the IT industry in support & PM roles and enjoy keeping my hand in on the tech side.

I don't do any development at all.

My talents extend to rubbing my tummy & patting my head simultaneously- if that proves useful?


Hope that wraps it up.

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