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Hello everyone, I live in the US, south-central Indiana to be exact. I've been in the Hackintosh game about 5 years now and have built over 20 systems using retail OS X. I've co-owned and managed the Google group, Hackintosh Questions - Answers since March 2009. Having bought used Mac G3 & G4 systems back in the day, I got hooked on OS X, but could not afford to buy the latest Intel based Macs. Naturally when the OSx86 movement came about, I was instantly hooked and have been ever since. I consider myself to be moderately skilled in computer hardware and software, but there is always more to learn, which is why I'm here.


I recently have been getting back into an old hobby of running multiple operating systems on my computer using a boot manager called Bootit Bare Metal. In order to install OS X under this manager it is necessary to do the install on an MBR partitioned drive instead of the usual GPT. So when I started looking for means to do a retail install on an MBR hard drive, my search brought me here. My current experiments involve a GA-P35-DS3L system with 4 Gb of RAM.


BTW, I also own the Google group Alt-OS, which discusses running different operating systems on PCs.

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