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Hello From Monterey Bay


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-California resident for 65 years; presently 67 years young

-Hackintoshing since the first Apple Intel "reference model"; Apple developer before that

-I have hacked quite a few from the early GMA950 models to present day 77 and 75 models

-I have been a dyed-in-the-wool Macintosh user since the SE/30 days; Hackintoshing was a logical outgrowth of the transition from 68K to PPC to Intel; I also own NINE Apple Network Servers, eight 700s and one 500

-Highly skilled in most areas; a DSDT specialist by choice and necessity

-Mostly System/360 and derivatives assembly language, including the OSes which support those models; special interest in MVS/370 through today's z/OS; my specific expertise is the Input/Output Supervisor; some C programming experience, especially in the compiler generator area (LR parser generators)

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