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hello all,


I am new to this forum, new to hackint0sh and new to mac in general.


-I live in Arabi, La. just outside the Big Easy, New Orleans, La.

-I just started using hackint0sh this week. My first time to attempt an install is tonight and I found out the hard way not to plug USB thumb drive into a USB splitter when installing. It will never unmount properly and corrupt the install

-I have installed iFail on a Virtual Machine previously, but it was kind of choppy

-I want to learn hackint0sh to try to reclaim some of this PC junk I have still

-My experience with computing and programming started in the early 80's on DEC PDP 11/45. I had to write some maintenance programs, but not much. I still remember some MS DOS, can do some HTML and am fairly competent with PC's in general. Definately not a Guru by any imagination.

-I am a decent writer and teacher though. Not sure if I can contribute, but I'd be willing.


Thanks for the info. I am going to attempt another install on my Dual Core Alienware now.



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