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Hey there. I'm angelXwind/Karenï¼æ˜Žç¾Žï¼ˆã‚ã‘ã¿ï¼‰, from New York (Long Island to be exact). I'm just a Japanese-Taiwanese girl passing by haha.


I've been doing Hackintosh-related activities ever since the 10.4 days, on an Intel Pentium 4 HT... (It was a VAIO PCV-RS320, if you're wondering and yes, it still works today)


I've Hackintosh'd several computers:

> The very first, Sony PCV-RS320 "Workhorse"

>> Currently runs Windows 7. Using Leopard isn't really worth it anymore. Then again, I don't even use this thing right now.

>> Intel Pentium 4 HT CPU @ 2.6 GHz

>> 2 GB + 256MB RAM

>> 120GB Samsung IDE HDD

>> No QE/CI supported, due to the craptastic Intel IGP it has. VESA support only.

The furthest I've pushed it is 10.5.8, as it would seem Snow Leopard doesn't even want to try to boot on that thing. (Then again, I haven't really invested much effort towards that front haha)


> My self-built PC, aXw-001 (Main desktop)

>> Currently runs Windows 8, planning to dual-boot with OS X.

>> Intel Core i7-950 @ 3.2 GHz

>> 4GB RAM (1333 MHz)

>> GIGABYTE GA-X58-USB3 motherboard

>> 1TB Hitachi HDD @ 7200 RPM + 500GB WD Caviar Blue HDD @ 5400 RPM

>> NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, full acceleration supported out-of-box since 10.7.


> Sony VAIO VPCF2390X

>> Currently runs Windows 8, planning to dual-boot with OS X.

>> Intel Core i7-2760QM @ 3.5GHz

>> 6GB RAM (Eldida)

>> 500GB HDD of some brand

>> NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M, full acceleration supported out-of-box since 10.7.


I only own one other laptop that cannot be Hackintosh'd... that's just because it had an AMD CPU. (I got that thing before I realized how awful AMD can be sometimes. Combine HP's horrible skills at cooling design with AMD's CPU heat emissions, that's a recipe for failure.)


I had my Hackintosh interests triggered a while back in the 10.4 days because I've always admired Apple's UI design in general, and the fact that I prefer UNIX environments to the Windows console. (To the point where I, out of habit, type "ls" in Windows terminals x_x) Also, gotta love that OS X font rendering <3


And the other thing is iOS development (jailbreak stuff mainly, but yeah)


My general computer skill level is... I guess intermediate-advanced? I... I'm not sure what you would use for scale haha. I run a Debian server, aXwNET at http://angelxwind.net/ , write stuff in PHP, run a Cydia repo at http://cydia.angelxwind.net/ , run a Minecraft server... etc.


I've used various versions of Windows (currently using Windows 8), Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), and OS X obviously (10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8... wow I've been doing that for a while). I write code in PHP? I'm interested in iOS dev (and OS X dev in general), so I'll be taking a shot at that.


No idea what'd be considered a "talen or skill" ;A;


...And admittedly, I've used TonyFail86 crapware before. ...Actually, this will be my first "clean" installation. ;w;


Random fact: I like to pursue for installations of OS X that are as "Apple-like" as possible, aka as little modifications to OS X as possible to attain a working system. Obviously this isn't really -that- attainable via TonyFail methods =P


I like to keep my Windows installs "clean," too. To the point where pre-installed Windows OSes on my computers never really saw the light of day for more than an hour before I wiped it and placed a clean install over them. That's one of the things I like about OS X / iOS. Clean, pristine, and no manufacturer-specific bloatware. -shrug-

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