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Hello everyone! My name is Szabolcs (AKA Khemist92) and I'm from Hungary. I'm 20 years old.


I have very little experience in installing OSX systems.I had snow leopard back in the day in my old nVidia system but since I upgraded it to an ATI system I couldn't really do anything with osx. But since my Mom bought a laptop with nVidia card in it, I thought I give it another try. My first install of OSX went pretty much OK without any problems so i have absolutely no experience in debugging and troubleshooting. The biggest problem I ran into while configuring the system is just finding the proper kexts for my hardware components.


I got interested in hackintosh when I noticed that Apple started supporting Intel processors. I really wanted to install it on my PC. Why? Just because I could. I only use my computer for gaming and studying so there was no real use of having hackintosh on my pc I just enjoyed a good challenge. But now , since my mom is not a computer wizz, I would like to run hackintosh on her laptop since its simple and straightforward.


I consider myself an average user PC and i know almost nothing about how an OSX operating system works.


I have no skills on programming sadly ( although we did some programming in pascal back in high school :P )


The only thing i can do for this community is share my experiences with other new users to help solve their problems.


Cheers guys! Thanks for reading this.

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