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May I introduce myself


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I'm from little country in eastern Europe called Bulgaria. Not many people around have macs but that doesn't discourage me to have a hackintosh myself. I met two people with hackintosh though - one is a coder (dev) guy and another in the web design field. The latter is closer to me as I'm struggling my way to the stage of digital painting and concept design. In this industry many people use a mac, and I set myself to see the reason behind it... in which case, making my pc a hackintosh is the closest I can get to. I bought a custom PC right when the ML came out, and yes, I did research what parts to get so It will be compatible.

As of experience - none - ok, few tries - unsuccessful. But, this time I'm determined to make it work and this decision lead me here to this page.

About my computer skills, I consider myself something around above average consumer type of person - I am not a developer but I do know some tricks (can install and maintain windows installation).


Here's my machine: motherboard Z77X-UD5H, cpu i7-3770k, RAM 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance, HDD 120GB SSD, 1TB WD.

I do have an aftermarket cooling but haven't bother yet to overclock the cpu, may be in the future. I do not have dedicated GPU, so I will be using the integrated intel hd4000. I am currently using Windows 7 and want to keep it in a dual boot with OSX ML. I have 50gb unallocated on the ssd for the os x.


Right now, I am a little frustrated. I prepared a bootable flash drive with myhack, processes seem to complete with no errors. Mystery is I plug the usb, restart the pc, and when the boot menu pops, the usb flash drive doesn't appear.


That's it from me, thanks for your time!

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