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Hi There. Greetings from Argentina.


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Hi Community!


I´m a young argentinian, born and raised in Buenos Aires (Capital City).


It´s my second hackintosh attempt. First one was using tonycrap, and it was unsuccessful of booting without using the usb drive.


I have a few days of hackintosh experience and i was triggered by the possibility of having a Mountain Lion Desktop for 1/3 of Imac price. Unachievable for me.


I´m using computers since my 13 years and I have experience in Windows (since 95 version), Mountain Lion and a little html5/css3 knowledge


I´d love to help other people, maybe with a common configuration.


Well, hoping to publish my doubts, to fulfil my intention of having a 100% functional Mac in a Pc!


Thanks so much!





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