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Please allow me to introduce myself ...


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In an effort to demonstrate my ability to follow directions, and to prove I am not a bot (or if I am one, to pass the Turing Test) I will attempt to provide the requested introductory information about myself.


I am originally from Wisconsin in the USA, and currently live in North Carolina (but will be moving to California next week.) Since I retired about three years ago I have moved several times -- mostly living in Nevada, North Carolina, and California -- which is, not coincidentally, where our son and daughters reside. Before retirement we lived in Maryland, Hawai'i, New Mexico, Minnesota, VIrginia, and Germany. I also had the opportunity to spend a few weeks working in both Japan and Korea.


I started to build my first hackintOsh about two weeks ago. I have not yet succeeded in my this project, but I have been making what I consider to be steady progress. I bought my first Macintosh back in 1984 (the original 128k ram model) and have been buying them ever since. Since I have more time and less money now that I am retired, and I found myself wanting an upgrade to my 6-year-old iMac, I thought I would try my hand at building a hackintOsh. I want to be able to triple boot my new system in Linux, Mac OSX, and WIndows.


I believe my general skill level with computers to be above the average person on the street -- how it compares to the members of this forum remains to be seen. My first degree was in mathematics, and I had the equivalent of a minor in computer science. I have been in graduate school off and on for much of the past 35 years and studied mechanical engineering, computer science, mathematics and electrodynamics, among other topics. I have programmed significantly in assembler, C, FORTRAN, and Ada, and written my share of shell scripts over the years. I worked on Unix systems as long ago as Version 6 and 7, which, as my fellow old-timers will remember, preceded System III and System V. The last time I worked with boot loaders and such was on a Solaris system for an embedded system on an aircraft in 2005.


As far as offering any skills to the community, I believe the most helpful thing I expect to be able to do is to carefully document the steps I use to get my hackintOsh up and running.


Thanks to everyone for all of the useful information I have already found here. I look forward to being granted "advanced newbie" status so I can post more specific information about my build and details about my current results.




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