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First of all, please disregard the posting by my evil twin, Schmendrick. He tried to comply with the directions for a first post, but obviously missed the line about using his username as the subject.


Now, in an effort to demonstrate my ability to also follow directions the directions for the content of this post, I will attempt to provide the requested introductory information about myself.


I am originally from Wisconsin in the USA, and currently live in North Carolina (but will be moving to California next week.) Since I retired about three years ago I have moved several times -- mostly living in Nevada, North Carolina, and California -- which is, not coincidentally, where our son and daughters reside. Before retirement we lived in Maryland, Hawai'i, New Mexico, Minnesota, VIrginia, and Germany. I also had the opportunity to spend a few weeks working in both Japan and Korea.


I started to build my first hackintOsh about two weeks ago. I have not yet succeeded in my this project*, but I have been making what I consider to be steady progress. I bought my first Macintosh back in 1984 (the original 128k ram model) and have been buying them ever since. Since I have more time and less money now that I am retired, and I found myself wanting an upgrade to my 6-year-old iMac, I thought I would try my hand at building a hackintOsh. I want to be able to triple boot my new system in Linux, Mac OSX, and WIndows.


I believe my general skill level with computers to be above the average person on the street -- how it compares to the members of this forum remains to be seen. My first degree was in mathematics, and I had the equivalent of a minor in computer science. I have been in graduate school off and on for much of the past 35 years and studied mechanical engineering, computer science, mathematics and electrodynamics, among other topics. I have programmed significantly in assembler, C, FORTRAN, and Ada, and written my share of shell scripts over the years. I worked on Unix systems as long ago as Version 6 and 7, which, as my fellow old-timers will remember, preceded System III and System V. The last time I worked with boot loaders and such was on a Solaris system for an embedded system on an aircraft in 2005.


As far as offering any skills to the community, I believe the most helpful thing I expect to be able to do is to carefully document the steps I use to get my hackintOsh up and running.


Thanks to everyone for all of the useful information I have already found here. I look forward to being granted "advanced newbie" status so I can post more specific information about my build and details about my current results.





* Update - I have my first Hackintosh up and running after a fashion. I will post more details if I get past the first hurdle of membership here, but my basic info is as follows:


Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H

CPU: i3-3225 (w/HD4000 Graphics)

Power Supply: Thermaltake SMART M750W

GPU: None

SSD: OCZ Agility 4 250GB (Mountain Lion 10.8.2)

HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST31000524AS 1TB (Windows 7 Ultimate)

WiFi Card: TP-Link TL-WDN4800

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