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Hello all,


Greetings from Southern California. Specifically Menifee, CA. While I am new to this forum, I have been using OSX on non-Apple hardware for several years. If I am remembering correctly, a Dell inspiron 1525 was the first Dell computer that I turned into a Mac with Snow Leopard. That went reasonably well and the machine was in use right up until a catastrophic hardware failure (my son breaking the screen). Since then I have used a variety of Dells as 'hackintoshes' - an Inspiron 10v netbook (still in use), D420 (still in use), D620, D630 (also still in use), an E6400 and finally an E6220. At one time I did use an Optiplex 760 with Lion. I make my living in the technology field. Formerly in general desktop and network support, I now find myself doing scripting and application packing. I have taken some C++ courses and work a little in VB.NET along with VB Script.


I am looking forward to being able to post here, both to ask questions and to answer any to which I can add value.



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