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Found this site when google for 10.8.2 bootable. Before I always use Unib***t until i can't make 10.8.2 usb. I have read a few in here and never knew Unib***t is fraud, Very surprising. I know i'm late of all these news since I haven't built hackintosh for a long time and have not follow any news. Anyway, glad i found this site. Now, i knew y my questions never answered in "tony" forum lol.


Talking about DCMA, i knew one blog also had a letter from "tony" claiming he/she hack into his Unbi**t script so that Unbi**t can install dmg to usb lol..


Anyway, a little about myself. I live in Philadelphia (USA). Not much of a computer skills besides just a regular users. Yes, i built a few pc and hackintosh but most are all work OOB. I try to buy component that work OOB when it come to hackintosh. Hate the headache.. I guess i enjoy trying new operation and testing it compare to windows. For me, if I have problem and lately found a solution, i like post a the solution to help other who had same issues as i am.


Thank you for myHack and tonight I will use myHack to built 10.8.2 :) and pass the site to friends/families.

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