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Hi !


Happy to join this community, I've been hanging around on IRC for a while, drifting outrageously offtopic and annoying users with newbie questions...

I'm from France.

New to hackint0sh, googled a lot about it one year ago prior to purchasing a hackint0shable laptop (Asus K53SV), now I want to dive into it.

Until now I've only played with OS X, myHack and partitions setups in VirtualBox to see how OS X and Chameleon install.

Hackint0shing my laptop for real is coming soon !

I'm mainly interested in getting access to the operating system that seems to be a defacto standard in the cinema/video field.

I use Linux as my main system and use the command line for many daily tasks. I do programming too: Python, C++, C.

I could give some help with additional guides about installing with myHack on multi boots setup. Mine aims at being Win/Osx/Linux on a single hard drive. Could also write some doc designed to introduce people with backgrounds in Linux or Win to OS X internals.

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