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G'day everybody,


I live in South East Queensland, Australia

I have not managed to use a Hackintosh yet - still trying to get one to work with the hardware I have available (I am new to this)

My experiences in Hackintoshing have so far only involved following guides to try to get one to work. I tried tonycrapOS's unifail installer to no avail, and have been wrestling with MyHack since. I have managed to get my hopefully soon to be working Hackintosh booting into safe mode so far.

My interest was triggered because I have decided I'd like to learn how to write iOS apps. Since the only way to do it is from a Mac platform, and I don't have a Mac, I thought I'd try to create a hackintosh.

I have an Advance Diploma in Info Tech with a programming major, but my job does not involve programming so I don't write much code at all. I was once a certified Apple service technician, but that was back when all Macs had PowerPC processors. When I left that job they were just starting to talk about Intel architecture and the iDevices were just a glint in Steve Jobs' eye :-)

Technical Experience: Hardware/software on both Mac and PC, C++ programming.

Until I get my head around the whole Hackintosh Experience and OS X (which I haven't had anything to do with) I can't offer much useful advice to the group, but as I work it out, perhaps that will change. Thanks for having me.

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