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this will be my introduction threat;)

I will go through the list of things i have to post ere and then will provide some more information ;)


I am from Munich in Germany, currently living in two towns (one town, the other is more likely a village;) ) because of studying...

I started with this hackintosh thing... uhm...yesterday evening;) so i have like 0 experience, but i work with Ubuntu a lot, so UNIX ain't that new to me. And i worked on an iMac for a while (thats the reason i wanted to try out mackintosh)


General computer skill level... lets say advanced... i know more than most of the people i know (exept those why study informatics or sth similar) I worked with Windows (98, 2000, Xp, 7, 8 and RT) some versions of Opensuse, Ubuntu, i have a raspberryPi running, and a little Android board (MB for a cheap tablet, from china... known as Gooseberry)

Coding... uh, i know my way around in the shell, i can code basic webpages in html/css but i guess that does not count;)


Skills i could offer to the community? hmmm i study history... ok, i m quite familiar with graphic designs, vector graphics...

atm i work as...dunno, i vectorize (mostly redraw) maps for a history school book on tablets (google for mBook + Belgien quite cool stuff we are doing for them)


So additional...i guess i could post my hardware here...

Motherboard: GA-Z77X-D3H

GPU: NVidia Gforce 9800 Gtx+

CPU: Intel i7 (3,4 Ghz, dunno the exact name)

OS: currently Hackintosh OS X 10.8.2 + Windows 8

My main problem (the main reason why i m here) is that i cant boot atm... just via my "my hack USB-Stick"


hope you accept me fast so i can get help;)


greetings Dax

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