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Splin, furious as hell


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Is this how hackintoshing is supposed to be? I bought PC parts which were reccomended by tonycrapx86 site. Everything did not go as planned, reccomended multibastard utility caused weird issues with USB. I followed numerous guides but did not get my machine running stable. When I tried looking for help people reccomended various guides located at tonymaxcrap site, which did not help out in the end. I started looking elsewhere. I found myHack. I got my machine running stable except sleep first time. I had discussions with various people in PRIVATE that myHack helped my to get my machine up and running with the least effort. Next day, figure what?! I was banned from the tonymaxcrap site! I can not reach the guys anymore with whom I had discussion with. That is called tyranny at least. It is not like people are developing proprietary software there or something.

I have been hackintoshing for almost three years for now. First machine I put together two years ago(reccomended by tonymaxcrap) also had issues. I sold the PC and bought real MacBook Pro. Now as it seemed to me that the whole community has matured some I decided to give another go. Again the machine had issues. Tonymaxcrap still reccomends Nvidia GTX 660 Ti as one of the best solutions for hackintoshing. Fact is that this cards keeps crashing in FCPX and Aperture. Same with real Macs, but that guy still keeps it recommending. I mean they are so lost in marketing of their various multicrap tools that reality is totally distorted. I studied IT and at that time, whatever opinions we had, linux community was all keeping together, I liked that community for it. It was fun. That is not the way anymore with hackintosh it seems to me, too many people are trying desperately to earn a coin in the wings of Apple.

I am happy I turned away from that Red Rotten Apple and found myHack. My only wish is that this forum could be left alone by spam bots and Conti could have more fun running the whole thing :=)

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