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Hi, everyone!


Tirnion checking in from the beautiful state of Kansas.


I am brand new to Hackintoshing, but I'm really enjoying the process so far (although it has been very frustrating at times).


I first found out about Hackintoshes through Lifehacker, and I've been wanting to try them out ever since. As a recent college graduate, my budget has been very limited, though, and I haven't been able to afford a new computer until last week. In all honesty, I still couldn't afford it then, but I needed a new computer for work. My choices were to spend over $3000 on a mac that would still need adapters and wouldn't have everything I needed, or spend $1500 and spend some time getting everything working for a system that goes well beyond what I need.


My general knowledge level is high-end power user through low-end developer. I mostly use OSX Snow Leopard on a laptop given to me as a gift, but I also use Windows 7 and occasionally boot into Ubuntu. I am regularly called for technical support for local organizations and companies, usually for the equivalent of Tier 1-2 support, but sometimes I step well beyond that.


I almost majored in Computer Science (I really enjoyed the intro to programming courses I took), but I decided to take a different route with my career. I don't have a very good language base (HTML + CSS, VB, JS), but I am working on learning Python and a bit of C.


As far as talents or skills, I am good at cooking, copy editing, and yelling at phone scammers. If anyone needs help with those, I am willing to barter for tech support time. :)

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