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Salut t Conti and all


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I recently started messing with hackingtosh, but I am an expereinced sysadmin from a slaris/linux background ..


In the past 1-2 weeks since I have been playing with hackingtosh, I have read a lot of forum threads, downloaded this and downloaded that .. LOL .. But I have mostly had a bad experience, and the biggest frustration being the uncertainty surrounding the various recipes one had been following ..


Leo Hazard's moded DVD images were outrightly attractive to me, so I started with them .. but it has always been all hit and miss, with loads of uncertainties .. I was beginning to surrender to the need to go via a virtualized mac, so I can have more options, and then I stumbled on a post made by a guy talking about how to work with nawcom .. the guy clearly said, if one could, to try and use myhack .. the guy wrote logically and made a lot of sense .. So, I installed virtualbox and brought up a snow leopard .. Well, I just made my first MyHack USB at work today, and soon as I got home, I tried to use it .. So far, I have already built 2 of my laptops to multi-boot with MyHack .. This is why I signed up here .. Just to express some gratitude for the sterling work ..


You (Cnti) and the nawcom guy stand out from the huge noise in the hackingtosh community, in your straight-forwardness and simplicity .. I was put of tonycrap from the outset due to the arrogance and confusion I perceived from their site


I will probably make some donation later on, soon as bank balance permits .. LOL ..


On another note, it would be of great use to have a DVD equivalent of your distro (even if to be burnt on a mac) .. What use is this, you ask? .. Well, I am into virtualization and the most exciting development for me in this arena is xenclient. The only way to install in xenclient is via a DVD .. I have had sleepless nights trying to get hazard 10.6 to install on it (using all possible boot options) .. but all to no avail ..


Anyways, thanks again for sharing your brilliance ..

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