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New user sandy bridge sl


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Hey everyone,


I'm new to hackintoshes and just trying to do my first sandy bridge snow leopard system. Having a few issues currently with legacy kernel, but hopefully some searching will figure that out.


My system:

i7 2700K


Corsair PSU and HS80i cooling (unnecessary but very very cool)

Cheap case

Gigabyte AMD Radeon 6670


I'm registered on tony's forum under the same name. myHack is attractive because it's USB bootable, which is the only way to go for me as I don't have an optical drive for the above system. If I can get it to install there's at least a whole $10 donation in store for this project. Forgive me for being a tight arse, I'm a student. More money laters when I make my millions.


Let's see how well I can put together a system after a glass of wine. Woo!

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