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I live in UK, building my first hackintosh. I have a couple of imac/macbookpro and phone, but very disappointed with mac support & sevice since ipad and phones have swallowed all their time and money and they went global sized. Time to learn more about computing for self sufficiency as my 10 year old is already learning to hack her way thro' the web!

My skill level is low, have followed computers since first programming at school and dos, basic maintenance, upgrading, dislike windows and BG, used mac for 20 years now.

Require rig for video rendering and DTP so jumped in with big machine I can build myself X79- sabertooth/3930k/gtx680/h100i cooler/corsair 32GBRAM/SSD boot drive that should stay current for a few years ahead, I wouldn't want to give apple this much money if I had it to spare.

Only thing I can offer you is health info, I am one of the best doctors you will ever meet and I don't believe in incurable disease, although sometimes your time is really genuinely up! Coding is like learning Chinese for me, another country/culture I know little about although I understand language to a high degree. I don't have the physical time to learn this level of coding so grateful for all the hackintoshing going on. Came across tonycrap but miraculously came across this site just before i was about to start with his downloads. It was quite clear that this site was a lot more thorough and accountable. I didn't want to patch over patch over patch and I could see the coding integrity & understanding was here, needed DSTD for my ax79 which I found here, so downloaded my hack and will proceed over the next few days. Will let you know how it goes and probably will be turning alot of freinds onto hackintosh.

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