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Hi all! I come to hackintosh from the point I wondering that Can I put apple software on my PC. I try and search it went to Tony site. I try but I don't see really I could control the process. and that method problem happened and kernel panic is easy. I found myhack software some how with the keyword searching: vanilla and then I dig more, and more the it bring me a stable system as I feel like it is a real Mac. I went and put some donation to the site, to Conti, thank you very much.

I have 3 system, first one running is GA X58A-UD3R, core I7-930, GTX GA 660 ti (support 4 monitors). I have no dsdt. It is stable machine. it have a long bios-boot screen, but when it get to Chameleon it quick to get to 10.8.3 ready to use.

second one, I have is GA Z68MA-D2H-B3, core i3-2105. this one have a UEFI bios so from cold boot to desktop just about 30 seconds, it serve me as server.

last one is Dell XPS-410, VGA 9800 gtx+. this one a little bit tricky to get it up and running, but after all it is run OSX Lion 10.7.5.

I used a vanilla method to install my machine but mostly after installation is based on myhack software, all my machine have no dsdt, honesty I don't know how to make one.


that is my story.

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