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  1. you can try the kext below the link, delete all the old one in S/L/E related to Realtek http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296190-driver-for-realteks-rtl810x-fast-ethernet-series/ the one with binary.
  2. hi everyone! I have it last time and it is stuck to 10.8 and can't be update anything at al. I try clover bootloader on stumble, and it is running 10.9.3 now, it is works everything, even lan, except the SD card and HDMI is unkown. the clover bootloader require a bit of learning but turn out it is great. if anyone like to try, I will write what i have and learn. PS: I just clone OS from other desktop drive I have, and I have not DSDT also.
  3. mine I have XPS 410, cpu and other thing work except graphics card. I work ok for me when i change to a graphic card support, you can give your graphics card info. i have a guide in insanelymac forum. i think your XPS 420 should work too.
  4. you can try voodoo 2.8.2, it work good for me and with gt 610 and gtx 660ti provide hdmi audio too.
  5. hi everyone! now it run 10.8 and I could not get any update success so it is ok of me. with the hardware I swap the mini intel centrino 2230 for HP Atheros AR5BHB92-H AR9280 it reconisg as airpot extreme. what is work: Hd 4000 full acceleration qe/qi trackpad with 2 fingers scrolling Fn audio (volume up and down), brightness control Fn key, wireless switch on or off. webcam mic audio with voodoohda 2.8.2 (internal speaker and head phone) sleep and wake respond dvd drive usb read both usb2 or usb3 what is not work: HDMI (both video and audio) don't know or has not test: LAN card reader battery note: when display go to sleep and when it wake its brighter. Extra.zip
  6. thank you for your help finally It work now with a little twist and few other kext it is able to sleep and wake no problem now. I any one need my extra folder i will give to you.
  7. I send the file my machine is Dell Inspiron 17R5721 cpu I5-3317U 8GB,2X4G,1600MHZ,DDR3 Dvd+/-Rw,8X,Toshiba Samsung Storage
  8. Hi all, I reply to the Still Waiting For Root viewtopic.php?f=11&t=966 It is hard to post a topic in this forum, sorry moderator If this is cause a problem. let start Hello all, I'm not new in hackintosh, but I have new problem of installing myHack onto a new Lenovo G580 i5 32xx HD4000. I believe this laptop has all 3 USB3.0. I booted with my external USB Mountain Lion (with Lenovo G770 i5 23xx HD3000), it got stuck after the EHCI USB warning. I used flag USBBusFix=Yes and it still stuck. Does anyone have a trick to get pass this hurdle? Got stuck at both USBdrive ML installation and external USB hard drive (full installation) Thanks, Louis what I do is is I put installer myhack and osx on the same hard drive, I got to the installer screen and install success. good luck to you.
  9. thank you very much for your reply EMlyDinEsH. I will do that, I can't do it right now because the laptop need some repair on the hardware. when i have it back I will do that.
  10. Hi all! I got a dell inspiron 17N5721 cpu is I5-3317U with HD4000 I try to put osx 10.8 on it. and I could get HD4000 show up as in "about this mac" but the built-in display have a little light and I can't see anything from the built-in display that. I know it got HD4000 512 MB by share screen connect and it show nice desktop. please hlpe me, what can I do and where can i start. thank you very much first
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    Hi all! I come to hackintosh from the point I wondering that Can I put apple software on my PC. I try and search it went to Tony site. I try but I don't see really I could control the process. and that method problem happened and kernel panic is easy. I found myhack software some how with the keyword searching: vanilla and then I dig more, and more the it bring me a stable system as I feel like it is a real Mac. I went and put some donation to the site, to Conti, thank you very much. I have 3 system, first one running is GA X58A-UD3R, core I7-930, GTX GA 660 ti (support 4 monitors). I have no dsdt. It is stable machine. it have a long bios-boot screen, but when it get to Chameleon it quick to get to 10.8.3 ready to use. second one, I have is GA Z68MA-D2H-B3, core i3-2105. this one have a UEFI bios so from cold boot to desktop just about 30 seconds, it serve me as server. last one is Dell XPS-410, VGA 9800 gtx+. this one a little bit tricky to get it up and running, but after all it is run OSX Lion 10.7.5. I used a vanilla method to install my machine but mostly after installation is based on myhack software, all my machine have no dsdt, honesty I don't know how to make one. that is my story.
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