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Hi to all,


Firstly, a great big thank you to Conti and the members of this forum for all the valuable info posted. With so many other hackintosh resources (and literally millions of different types of set-ups possible), this forum has been so much help to me to get my rigs working.


I started using macs back when apple bought Emagic's 'Logic Audio' program (2004-2005 i think). Being a music producer, my affiliation with Emagic's software warranted the platform change to OS X to receive the lastest and greatest versions of the program, and since then have never looked back!


At home I am running a mid 2007 2GHz Mac Mini as a media server running Plex (OSX Lion 10.7.5) for all our household's media files/downloads/ itunes etc. In the Studio I have an ageing iMac 3.06GHz (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) which is used for music production. I love these machines and both have been rock solid on these platforms.


In October 2012, I aquired a Dell Optiplex 745 desktop that was going to be the 'new' home media server. I inteded it to run on Windows until I read a post regarding OS X Mountain Lion working on this particular Dell. I was intrigued and went about 'hackintoshing' this machine. Firstly with Snow Leopard (could never get 10.6.8, highest i could get but not perfect was 10.6.7). I am by no means 'computer hacking' literate, I understand basic settings and a little code but not to the extent of some of the people who have helped me in the past. Well after many months, 1000+ re-boots and different installation methods, I have a working Dell Optiplex 745 running 10.8.3 using myHack and some modified kexts for ethernet / audio / sleep & shutdown. I upgraded the CPU to a quad core and maxed out the RAM and now have a pretty sweet 'Hack Pro'!! There are a few very small issues that hopefully I can get some help with that I have not been able to find a resolution myself (like only sometimes black screen after apple logo screen, & I always have to double tap key/mouse to wake from sleep when the screen comes back on - if not it goes back to sleep - lazy!! lol).


I also recently got a newer 'Dell Optiplex 990 SFF' desktop (not a dell fanboy - honest) and using the myHack install method, have 10.8.3 with absolutely no issues on it whatsoever. Sleep, shutdown, software update, restart all work perfectly. Ethernet and Audio was just as easy! I will write up a guide for this particular machine and submit shortly (with my hardware) as it was very simple using myhack + kexts that worked for this machine (total install to full working took 90 minutes!! - on a Dell!!). I am sure the experience working on the 745 helped in my understanding to get the 990 work flawlessly and it's mostly to do with the members on this and the other 'genuine' (tonycrap = boooooo) hackintosh forums.


Looking forward to becoming part of this community and offer assistance where I can.


Greetings from (not so sunny) Dublin, Ireland!!



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