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jameslion need your help


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Hello I am from Texas USA. I have been playing with Hackintosh for about 6 month, and was able to get the SL (10.6.2)installed in a Dell Dimension 4100...Playing with Hackintosh is purely out of curiosity, as I was a Objective-C developer long time ago and now interested to do some iPhone app development lately. My SL cannot handle the latest xcode, and I happened to find this site, so I decided to install ML to my D830...


I followed the instruction to created a USB installer, with myHack 3.1.2, in a new 16GB USB drive, formatted as GPT, 512-Byte-Blocks. I also set the BIOS according to the posts in this forum. Unfortunately, I am unable to boot from this USB installer - getting that boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: error. Seems like most people getting this error only when they tried to boot from HDD with 4KB size...but why am I having this problem from USB installer?


diskutil shows the USB drive info as:

File System: HFS+

Type: hfs

Name: Mac OS Extended

Partition Type: Apple_HFX

Bootable: Is bootable

Total Size: 16.0 GB (31278896 512-byte-Blocks)

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