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Hi all, I reply to the Still Waiting For Root



It is hard to post a topic in this forum, sorry moderator If this is cause a problem.


let start

Hello all,

I'm not new in hackintosh, but I have new problem of installing myHack onto a new Lenovo G580 i5 32xx HD4000. I believe this laptop has all 3 USB3.0. I booted with my external USB Mountain Lion (with Lenovo G770 i5 23xx HD3000), it got stuck after the EHCI USB warning. I used flag USBBusFix=Yes and it still stuck.

Does anyone have a trick to get pass this hurdle?

Got stuck at both USBdrive ML installation and external USB hard drive (full installation)







what I do is is I put installer myhack and osx on the same hard drive, I got to the installer screen and install success. good luck to you.

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