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D630 w/Intel Graphics Install fails on 10.6.3


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I've tried a number of methods getting OSX 10.6.3 retail dvd installed on my D630 with A17 Bios, Mobile Intel 965 chipset, 4GB Ram, 500 GB hard drive.


Is there anything particularly troublesome about either a) 10.6.3 retail DVD or B) my flavor of D630?


I've tried a few different OSX images but no success yet.


Thanks for any tips. I'll be back with more specifics but I want to check on these big ones first.

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I was successful last night starting with the 10.6.0 retail load and following the method here to the letter as best as I could. I'm still analyzing it but I think one of the problems was a BIOS setting related to graphics in docking mode (?) and possibly another setting. Still backtracking to confirm the changes that enabled things to work. I successfully updated to 10.6.7 and now working through issues:

1. no DVD (i had to delete IOATAFamily.kext to get past one KP)

2. no pcmcia (looking for a short term wifi solution til i get a broadcom card)

Mostly I'm plotting strategy for how to experiment with changes without killing the progress.

This is a great forum, lots of good info.

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