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After a few stubles I am here! OSX and Ubuntu!

gordon g

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Hi everyone.


Heres my experience so far.

It took me a little to get into the forum. 'registration website issues'.


I had Ubuntu 10.10 on my system and very happy with it. Backed up my ubuntu with a software g4l.


The iniital OSX install was amazingly easy, I was very impressed!


I got cool book running, kinda spotty on being reliably working?


Next.. EDP's Time machine backup.


All fine and dandy until I tryed backup my Ubuntu and copy it to back to the drive. G4L wouldn't see my Partitions! Well without getting into too much of my headaches and installing OSX a few times and ubuntu a few. My ubuntu install was MBR and couldn't get it moved to GUID, I gave up struggling with it and copied my important data with Ubuntu One and started a fresh install of Ubuntu.


I ended up doing a fresh install of Ubuntu after OSX Install. Having partitioned GUID and making split partitions from ubuntu live cd.


Setup to run along side another OS.


Partitions I used (From memory)


210MB for BOOT

8GB for /

15 GB for /home

2.5GB for Swap

22GB for OSX

The Rest for a future Windows install


Ubuntu will automatically check for other OS's and list them on GRUB.



I did time machine backup, but cool book was not running correctly and then I uninstalled and reinstalled it. now I cannot register it. (I sent a support email off a few days ago..) no response as of yet.


Other than my heat issues on OSX until I get Cool book running again. I love it!


Dual boot OSX and Ubuntu. Sweetness!


Thanks everyone for your amazing install.




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