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D420 experiences


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at first, thank you for the tutorials and the kext packs and for everything!



my d420 (dualcore, 2,5gb ram, broadcom 4311, 10.6.7) experiences:


-from edp only needed the kexts and the sleep/hibernation set


-vga, audio, lan, wifi, sleep, bt works


-speedstep works with coolbook (awesome utility)


-disabled touchpad in bios (set to "serial mouse") because...

a) trackpoint's left button sometimes "sticked" (while i never pressed that button, i always use a mouse on this tiny machine), i had to press the button to release from selection. unable to disable tapping (voodoops2)

B) too fast even with lowest speed, unable to disable tapping (slice's trackpad)


-modified bios made random kp at boot (right after chameleon) and i didn't like the black background :-D

(and if i installed osx with modified bios, during the install the screenbrightness dropped to the lowest value, it was really weird)


- - -


now i have only to figure out why the screenbrightness drop to 90% on every boot and then everything will be almost perfect.



thank you very much :-)

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See this: forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/120-lcd-not-returning-to-100-brightness/page__pid__3310#entry3310. It should help you out.


well, at least i found out that Fn+F12 can adjust the brightness above that 90%.


finally i don't have to go to system preferences to adjust the brightness on every reboot, i can adjust it via keyboard, that's something :-)


now I'm almost happy :-D

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