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OSX Lion on D630 x3100 How to get sound working?


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I followed simeonoff's quick tut to get this running but has anybody got sound and if so how? Much thanks...





Sorry If I wasted any ones time as Homer would say "Dou" I forgot about deleting AppleHDA and just kept banging my head on the KP from VoodooHDA. its all good now.


But as a side note I was not able to get AppleHDA Disabler.kext to work if any one has any info or a working one that would be great.

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The installation starts now using this dsdt.aml



But it freezes after a few minutes.

Is there any tutorial for the D630?


Well, Ok if this dsdt works for you. Follow my guide and use the dsdt you linked above. I just modified it a bit so u can install Lion with it.



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