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  1. The problem with this is that you have to replace the AppleACPIPlatform.kext in S/L/E with one from Snow Leo. And this is something I don't like! It's really a trade off...
  2. The DSDT in EDP 1.9 was built around the A17 bios. I cannot guarantee that it will support A16.
  3. I hate to be a bitch, but man there's a topic with a 144x900 dsdt in this very section 1440x900 d630 just download the attached dsdt in the second post and put it in your /Extra folder. Should solve the problem!
  4. Agh, you have an intel wifi card. Go in your Bios settings and turn off the wifi adapter. Unfortunately the bios you installed is for 1280x800 screens only I'd recommend you booting with -v -x and see if it boots. If it doesn't then we'll have to do something else. I'm more than willing to help! Cheers mate!
  5. He meant different Bronx! The system profiler!
  6. Yeah, it's only a cosmetic thing, you can try different length like 0x04.
  7. Hello there, Change this in your DSDT to get rid of the Only single ram bank error message: Change this in your RTC: Device (RTC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00")) Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (0x0F) } Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x02, // Length ) IRQNoFlags () {8} }) } To this: Device (RTC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00")) Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (0x0F) } Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x08, // Length ) IRQNoFlags () {8} }) } And you should be all set.
  8. I thought you got brightness controls?
  9. Don't listen to Bronxteck, it's the driver for your ethernet. BCM5722D.kext, easily solvable. You just turn off the internal Ethernet when you are not using it. That's it.
  10. Nice! And about the error message, don't worry! It's normal!
  11. If you give me some time I may try and patch the dsdt for you!
  12. So you installed Lion using the dsdt you attached?
  13. Wanna give the attached dsdt a spin I believe it is just what you are looking for 1440x900_dsdt.aml.zip
  14. I dare to say I have a very well prepared smbios.plist file. I still think it's a driver related issue, rather than anything with the smbios or the dsdt.
  15. My HPET in dsdt: Device (HPET) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0103")) Name (CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IRQNoFlags () {0} IRQNoFlags () {8} IRQNoFlags () {11} IRQNoFlags () {15} Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite, 0xFED00000, // Address Base 0x00000400, // Address Length ) }) Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (0x0F) } Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (CRS) } } And here's Device (MB2) no such IRQ interrupts: Device (MB2) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0C01")) Name (_UID, 0x02) Name (CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0900, // Range Minimum 0x0900, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x80, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x0092, // Range Minimum 0x0092, // Range Maximum 0x02, // Alignment 0x01, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x00B2, // Range Minimum 0x00B2, // Range Maximum 0x02, // Alignment 0x02, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x1000, // Range Minimum 0x1000, // Range Maximum 0x10, // Alignment 0x06, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x1008, // Range Minimum 0x1008, // Range Maximum 0x08, // Alignment 0x08, // Length ) }) Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (CRS) } } So there's now way this could be an issue with my system. Thanks for the suggestion, anyway!
  16. Hello Duscrom, We will be releasing EDP 1.9 soon, which should work with 10.6.8. Will be releasing EDP 2.0 shortly after, which adds support for Lion.
  17. I bought an $8 Broadcom 4311 on ebay. Rebranded it in Linux as and original Apple AirPort Extreme card and it got recognized as Apple AirPort Extreme with broadcom chip 4312. Ever since then I never had problems with it, works great in both SL and Lion.
  18. That makes one of us who is not experiencing any lag whatsoever with the X3100, good for you!
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