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  1. There is no such option in the bios, checked it thoroughly. Only Two USB options 1- Emulation and 2- USB wake no other option relating to the speed. Any other ideas?
  2. I recently got my D830 repaired. The issue was that at times the machine just did not power on and had to take battery and charger cable out and leave it for few minutes and than try my luck with it. But since than it developed a new issue, and that is of USB transfer rate. D830 had 2.0 ports but now all three ports are behaving as 1.0 with extremely slow transfer rates. Any suggestions guy.
  3. Hi macluscious,

    I saw your post about can not find mach_kernel error. I am encountering the same problem. Were you able to resolve it?


    -- Li

  4. One thing that I never used on my D830 was actually its mic but today when I tried to use it over skype I was unable to say any thing because there is a lot of noise, some thing like very loud static noise which is mixed with sound from the mic. It was pretty loud I must say, this is the first time I am using that.
  5. Well it never worked with out a DSDT file for me so guess its a failure than at least for my machine. Already restored the original stock A15 back.
  6. So this means Bronx its safe to say that this Bios patch is not working with D830 (Intel) machine, guess time to restore the stock one back. Or am I missing some thing?
  7. Flashed the custom bios, deleted the DSDT file from extra folder, but I am unable to boot as it gets stuck at the apple logo with grey screen. Once I put the DSDT file back in Extra folder only then I was able to get past the screen and get the system booted. Guess it means the patched bios is not working for me. Any suggestions? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update1: On my hard drive I have fully working Lion 10.7.1 (EDP 1.9) and a backup copy of fully working SnowLeopard 10.6.7 with EDP 1.8. I deleted dsdt files in both Lion and SL backup. I was able to completely load both the operating systems with out having dsdt files in their respective Extra folders. BUT I did not delete the DSDT file on my main SL partitions Extra folder. I am using Chameleon RC5 r760 version. Could this be because still the system was loading the DSDT file located in the Extra folder of my main SL partition.
  8. Can a USB stick be used to recover the original Bios, right now getting a floppy drive is kind of very very difficult here since its obsolete.
  9. here are the DSDT from my D830 GMA, hope it helps one way or another. dsdt_d830_a15.aml.zip
  10. I am listing the complete details of how the EDP 1.9 is running on my D830 Intel machine. I did a fresh install and here are the results: 1- WiFi, Audio, Graphic Display (1280x800), Keyboard & Trackpad working fine. 2- Audio delay is negligible. 3- Extended display works best when the VGA cable is attached as the system is being booted. 4- As with EDP 1.8 the normal operating temperatures for my D830 were plus 55 C and above. Now they stay below 50 degrees some time below 40 degrees as well, so yes the machine is operating at lower temperatures. 5- Sleep is not working, Wiki instructions are of no help as sleep remains disabled. Instead when the sleep function is choosen from menu or lid is closed the only thing that happens is screen getting black. The power light stays ON and stable, thus no breathing. Opening the lid or pressing the power button does not bring the display back. Update1: Sleep issue resolved, rebuilt the Kexts, using EDP tool, selected Applepower management instead of NullCPU as advised by Bronx. Update2: As expected after removal of NullCPU the running temperatures are higher as compared to with NullCPU installed.
  11. That would be a great help.
  12. Yes, you are 100% correct about smbios.plist is what defines the information. As for the most part I stay out of plists because of my lack of understanding of how different strings could affect the operations. But I decided to compare one from my SL running EDP1.8 with SL running EDP1.9 and Lion running EDP 1.9. I kind a figured that one out. I have restored the 3.1 macbook smbios.plist as it was the one running the best.
  13. Welcome Carlo, simplest solution to the sound problem after wake from sleep just press the hardware mute button first to mute the system then again to unmute it. Should restore the sound.
  14. Actually I have been getting roughly the same amount of KP's with the VoodooHDA 2.2.1 as you did, plus a bit of HSSSSSSSSS noise from time to time. I did installed Soundflower on Lion but right now I am not facing any problems with sound delay so the app is inactive. I am replacing the VoodooHDA kext with the one you pointed me to, so lets see how the results come. By the way any idea on how to resolve the FakeSMC issue.
  15. I went on to reinstall the Lion, I choose EDP option for Intel D830, well things did not work well. For the most part I was getting a KP regarding VoodooHDA. I logged back in SL and replaced the Extra folder with the one on install USB, reinstalled EDP but this time choose D630 X3100 build. Walla every thing is working fine. But I do thing I need to update my ram from 3 to 4 gb as the performance seems to be a bit sluggish not by a lot but still can feel it. Yes one thing more I installed Broadcom43XXFamilyrev2 kext to S/L/E, WiFi is working great as well. I installed Macbook Pro 4.1 FakeSMC but I am still seeing macbook rather then macbook pro in my system profile.
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