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Stuck on apple screen


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Hi, sorry if this post was already post, i'm gonna be precise:

i got Toshiba Satelite C660D/ CPU AMD E 300 APU Radeon HD Graphics x2 1.30GHz/ AMD Radeon HD 6310/ 4GB Ram

I've installed successfully SL DVD Retail 10.6.3, with nawcomUSBMod,,,he had a fast reboot, however, he stay stuck on apple screen,,what's the right thing to typ, i've type to install, when prompt INSTALL USB,,rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin/,,, kernel,,,don't remember the rest,,but is the option i should type on install, to be able to install,,can you give any tips, or guide,,, thanks i n advance!post-14151-0-25562100-1383248993_thumb.jpg

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